me in treeI’m a writer and editor of things that are mostly about science. My writing has appeared in publications such as the Atlantic, the Boston Globe, Slate, Wired, Jezebel, Discover, Aeon, Nautilus, and National Geographic. After spending several years as the editor of Muse, a magazine about science and ideas for kids, I’m now a freelancer. (In biological terms you might say I went from a sessile writing lifestyle to a motile one.)

Since 2010 I’ve written a blog called Inkfish, which is currently hosted by Discover. “Inkfish” is another name for cephalopods such as octopuses and squid. It’s also the name of at least one band and one tattoo parlor, according to my accidental Twitter mentions.

I write most often about the natural world, especially evolution, animals doing amazing things, animals doing horrifying things, ecosystems, health, bodies, and brains. For other stories I’ve delved into dark matter, autism, nanoparticles, robots, fluid dynamics, and being lost. I wrote almost 400 news stories for Muse in the voice of a highly knowledgeable cow.

I studied biology and English at Williams College. In order from least to most tedious, I have experience with the following lab skills: sucking up fruit flies from tree fungi; sequencing human DNA; liquefying leaves; sorting grass roots with tweezers. I live in the Boston area with my husband and baby daughter.