JEZEBEL: As someone who likes to bake and doesn’t own a car, I have schlepped a lot of cakes on a lot of trains. I’ve maneuvered pies over subway turnstiles and Tupperwares between strangers’ elbows. What was unusual about this one lemon cake was that I wasn’t carrying it—and that’s where this experiment was born.

My husband and I were going to our friends’ house for dinner, two trains and a bus ride away. I had volunteered to bring dessert and now I foisted it off on him for the long trip. As we changed trains at a crowded platform in downtown Boston, all eyes seemed to be on Doug and the lemon cake. He ducked his head and hurried past the stares until we reached the farthest, emptiest part of the subway platform, where we stopped. He said, “Is this what it’s like to be an attractive woman?”

I laughed but I also started wondering: is it? Read more.